About Swish Property Group

Near 30 years of property development, investment and management expertise. 

Founded in 1995, Swish Property Group has created a diversified, astutely balanced portfolio of property assets, mainly in the Western Cape. Identified for their sustainable income-generating potential, they range from commercial, retail, residential and mixed-use developments to those in the hospitality, healthcare, and educational sectors. 

Diversified development

Many of these properties have been developed from the ground up by the group, whose principals have become widely acknowledged for their acumen in conceptualising and creating top-quality projects. At the same time, a key part of the group’s strategy is to identify existing properties and repurpose them to suit prevailing or anticipated market needs. Swish Property Group has a strong track record across the convenience retail, residential security estate, apartment block, large-scale purpose-built student accommodation, mixed-use, hospitality, specialised healthcare, and prime A-grade commercial sectors. Now it is also proving adept at addressing the spatial needs of online academic institutions based offshore, with the launch of an international campus to serve a growing global base of online students.

Properties held by the group 

Most residential developments are on-sold to end-users. However, all commercial developments are retained and housed in the Swish Property Fund, where all the group’s long-term investment assets are held. 


Swish Property Fund is owned exclusively by the executive team and the Lanfranchi family.

Long-standing relationships

Swish Property Group works with highly experienced professionals, from architects and contractors to specialist designers and artisans to create and complete developments in time and on budget. The group also follows a very close, hands-on approach to the ongoing maintenance of its properties. In this way, it can extend significant operational and cost efficiencies to its network of large-scale, medium-sized, and independent tenants.
Constantly alert to ongoing changes in the wider environment, the group is always working to anticipate and adapt to the evolving demands of its stakeholders. This approach has been crucial to building long-standing, steadfast relationships with investors, partners, suppliers, and tenants.


About Swish Property Group